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We invite you to discover various aspects of the traditional music from Morvan, thanks to the work of Daniel & Eric Raillard, work which lead, in 2003, to the recording of a CD, " Jacques Luti ".

CD Jacques Luti

Eric & Daniel Raillard have grown up listening to this kind of music, and have started very soon to learn how to dance, then to play the hurdy-gurdy for Eric and the diatonic accordion for Daniel. Quite naturally, they started to frequently see respected traditional musicians such as Henri Goguelat or Henri Rougelet, thanks to the dances organized here and there in Morvan, who have granted their art and some of their songs to the brothers.

A few years ago, Eric & Daniel made their first recording of traditional, previously unreleased songs, taken from forgotten collections (this very first recording is now available on CD). They went back to the studio in 2003, with the same general idea: respect the traditional melodies and play them with their original "cadence" (rythm) , this unique kind of swing the traditional musicians used to master so well.

Book available downloading :

42 scores of music Morvan

117 scores : tunes Morvan

16 tunes "Sédéloc".